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I’m delighted that I have the privilege of providing a recommendation to Mrs Oksana Novojenina, a hardworking and exceptional Human Resources Business partner that has provided HR support for member association – SOS Uzbekistan in a 6-month HR project concluded in 08/2022.

I was cooperating and collaborating with Mrs Novojenina in a capacity of a regional HROD CEE/CIS/ME counterpart. She is a dedicated and highly motivated HR Business partner with special emphasis on Strategic, Analytic and Legal aspects of the HR life cycle. She always took an opportunity to go an extra mile by being a catalyst and a change agent in SOS Uzbekistan (upgrading and updating HR processes and protocols in scope of the project – Performance management, Engagement and Retention and Leadership development). Mrs Oksana Novojenina is reliable and always keen to excel in whatever professional endeavour she pursuits.

The most valuable characteristic of Mrs Novojenina is her high professional integrity that is complemented with strong work ethics and values. Aforementioned attributes combined with intrinsic motivation and passion for Human Resources profession are a direct consequence of high-quality outputs of her professional HR consulting work. From setting up and organising the Performance management trainings to development of Engagement and Retention strategy for SOS Uzbekistan, finalising in a masterpiece Leadership workshop for NMT (National Management Team).

Every single working HR task is done with clarity in communication towards relevant stakeholders, straightforwardness and honesty. She also possesses highly developed analytic skills and is very
organized and engaged in creating an efficient and effective HR infrastructure that connects teams and departments which is crucial for consulting role. Time management and HR projects planning are just some of his well-developed professional abilities that she uses when connecting functions/departments in a meaningful team work which is an essential precondition to SOS Children’s Villages improvement of HR processes and protocols in scope of the assigned consultancy project.

Please accept my unreserved high recommendation for Mrs Oksana Novojenina and do not hesitate to contact me if I can support in answering questions that will determine Mrs Novojenina utilisation of HR knowledge and skills in correlation to your company’s needs.