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Ground Zero Business Accelerator hereby has an honor strongly recommend Oksana Novojenina as the professional trainer and charismatic speaker on Neuroleadership. In the framework of Business Accelerator project Oksana could present her interactive and advanced skills as the keynote speaker on innovative application of Neuroscience in Business called Neuromanagement, which helps us understand the impact that our emotions and behaviours – and the behaviours of those around us – have on our success and failure. Three day training and consulting sessions with

Oksana included the following topics:

  • Neuromanagement of change
  • Neuromanagement of decision making
  •  MBTI Step I group session

The main goal of our project is accelerating during 4-month business to global and strategic level in industry, service, IT and other spheres through personal transformation following 5 key steps for development as Leadership, Market and Customer, Business models and other business processes, Monitoring and financing, Strategy plan, action plan, road maps. The target group of our course for Executives are business owners, founders, CEOs, leaders. During the sessions Oksana could demonstrate her strong communication skills and openness as the trainer and expert with the business leaders, could easy consult them and fix their main problem points, zones for improving and developing, give them opportunity to discover themselves. We have conducted the only one of the modules as Leadership as the pilot and involved Oksana Novojenina and it was very successful and transformation has been happened with all participants. As well we have involved such famous speakers as John King (Tribal leadership) and Dr Bazarov (Moscow State University). I could say that it was great tandem for our course program. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding impact of Oksana Novojenina for our Business Accelerator please do not hesitate to contact me directly.